Contexta-CARE ScreenshotsContexta-CARE is a sophisticated, yet easy to use system, which enables close monitoring of a person as well as the environment where the person lives. The beauty of Contexta-CARE lies in its ability both to highlight, in a preventive manner, situations that might evolve in a potentially dangerous manner, as well as to promptly signal critical events, like falling, for instance.

Contexta-CARE can recognize situations or signal events without any active, manual involvement of the person being monitored, and can therefore operate effectively also in cases where the user is unconscious.

It was developed particularly with elderly people in mind, people who still live independently or those who are being taken care of by a support structure.

Contexta-CARE is a highly modular and scalable system, both suitable for support structures -also complex ones- as well as to enable remote monitoring of elderly people still living at home.

The system is active 24/7:

  • it guarantees high level of attention to critical situations with a very low percentage of false alarms;
  • it allows close control of user’s needs also from remote;
  • it increases efficiency and effectiveness of control coverage of support personnel, thus optimizing costs as well;

Contexta-CARE focuses on prevention. It is able to detect events that can lead to critical situation, raising an immediate alarm.

Download the Contexta-CARE’s Brochure for more details.